We bring brands and consumers together
We inspire and engage your consumers at the moment of purchase
We strengthen your operational capacity to increase sales
We maximize your visibility and presence in spaces where consumers make purchase decisions
We generate insights about how your brand is perceived and presented in retail
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Digitalization has changed the role of the physical store, and modern society has changed consumer behavior. Crafting the perfect customer experience requires a combination of digital and physical expertise. We have over 30 years of retail operations experience, and in a digital world, personal interaction is becoming increasingly important.


Retail 3.0

In the past, suppliers and brands were the chief influences on consumers’ purchasing decisions. Later, individual stores and retailers started gaining importance. Today, we know that the consumer is the most important part. Over the years, we have developed a number of services with this in mind to help you as a supplier and retailer. We call this Retail 3.0.

Our services are largely operations-focused, and we consider face-to-face interactions with consumers a crucial success factor.

Together with our partners in the Nordic Retail Network (NRN), we offer our services throughout the Nordic region. We are also part of the European Sales Influence (ESI) network.