About Us

Remarkable is an operative partner to Nordic retailers and has more than 20 years of retail experience. All of our services focus on sales-driven communication, which means that through physical presence in-store we help brands to increase brand awareness and sales.

To summarize, we believe that face-to-face interaction is necessary when it comes to creating, maintaining and improving the relationship between brands and customers.


The past years digitalization has changed the shape of today´s retail industry. The role of the physical store has changed and the face-to-face interaction is more important than ever. In order to deliver the perfect customer experience, brands need to deliver a combination of digital and physical experiences, however, many brands find this challenging and need help from retail agencies to keep up with customers’ ever-changing expectations. Remarkable always strives to be at the front edge and be “top of mind” among both current and future clients regarding the implementation of physical retail activities tailored to customers’ digital need.


Together with our Nordic partners in Nordic Retail Network (RN), we execute activities throughout the Nordic region. In addition, we are part of European Sales Influence (ESI), a market-leading European network that offers services to global companies that want to implement retail activities in Europe. In total, we are nine retail agencies operating in 12 countries.