Climate smart shopping is an oxymoron

Climate-smart shopping and sustainable growth are contradictory concepts. It’s only when you start your car on a hill that you can accelerate and brake at the same time, not very often otherwise.

Climate smart shoppingSome environmental arguments only reach the already convinced. Do you feel guilty about driving alone? Then switch to an electric car instead! But it won’t help if the car is empty anyway. When it comes to clothes, advertising often tells us what we should wear, but not how many.

Men find it hard to throw away clothes, but the difference in number can still determine how sustainable our purchases are. If eighty-two is the right number, I can keep buying cheap clothes that will break anyway.

But if I only need seven, high-quality options that last a long time suddenly become interesting – like fabrics without seams that can break, even though they cost more but justify every penny. The physical store encounter is invaluable for feeling materials and seeing fit. No keyboard can replace it. If you really want to match your new kitchen storage, you need to order directly from Japan. But for basic garments, there are good options at Swedish retailers.

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