Which consumer trends do you think companies can ignore and why?

Market magazine asked “Which consumer trends do you think companies can ignore and why?“.

– Unfortunately, it has to be said that environmental responsibility is a trend that consumers are not taking into account to any great extent. We can see that the most growing trend today is discount stores whose range does not take environmental responsibility into account. Moreover, their business concept is based on a throwaway society that is inherently environmentally irresponsible.

This is a complex and challenging situation for businesses. Many consumers still prioritize low prices and convenience over sustainability and environmental responsibility. This attitude makes it difficult for businesses to drive a greener consumption culture, despite the fact that awareness of environmental issues is higher than ever.

The expansion of discount stores is a clear counter-trend to the increasing sustainability demands from society. I am thinking of Jula, Rusta, H&M, Flying Tiger, Dollarstore, Normal and others. Their business model is based on an unsustainable ‘throwaway’ mentality, which contrasts sharply with consumer rhetoric about the importance of environmental concerns. Companies are faced with the dilemma of either adapting to the current trend and compromising on sustainability, or trying to change consumer behavior by offering more environmentally friendly alternatives. It is a balancing act to meet market demand while taking greater responsibility for the environment.

However, completely ignoring environmental trends is not a sustainable option in the long term, as awareness and demands from consumers, regulations and the outside world are constantly increasing. Businesses need to find creative solutions to combine profitability with sustainability, for example through innovative products, business models and customer experiences.

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