Markets’ major trend survey asked the question

When it comes to consumer trends that retailers should take into account as consumers’ purchasing power is expected to increase, there are several important factors to consider.

One of the most prominent trends is providing consumers with trust,, which is something that will become increasingly important whether customers are shopping online or in physical stores, and whether they are making large or small purchases.

Retail When we talk about reassurance as a consumer trend, it’s about more than just feeling confident that the product is of good quality. Trust can mean different things to different customers. Tit’s about security of delivery, which means they want reassurance that the products can be taken home safely, especially in the case of e-commerce.

For others, it’s about security of content, which means they want to be able to read the ingredients of the products and know that they don’t contain anything that could harm their health or the environment.way. This can be particularly important for customers shopping online who may not have the opportunity to see the product before they buy it.

For some, it is about trust in the brand, meaning that they want to feel confident in the products and that they will not be disappointed in any way. This can be particularly important for customers who buy more expensive products or who have high expectations of the brand based on past experiences. Perhaps the brand becomes the most important assurance provider regardless of what is being sought.

Security is thus an important factor to consider when creating loyal customers.

Customers want to feel that they have taken all relevant assurance factors into account when making their purchases and that they have made the best choice for themselves.

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