Microlearning – a Cervera success story

With 72 stores around the country and a thriving e-commerce business, Cervera is a leading Swedish retailer in high-quality kitchenware and home decor. In this article, Malin Löf at Cervera reveals how the company crafted a creative and inspiring store environment for both customers and employees.

At all levels of the company, we offer our customers and colleagues encouragement in terms of knowledge and inspiration. Together, we craft an inspiring environment that promotes experimenting with, creating and offering new experiences.”

– Malin Löf, Cervera

Cervera was founded in 1987 and is Sweden’s leading retailer of products for cooking, dining and home decoration. Cervera’s corporate culture is based on a creative, inspiring and diverse workplace where employees have fun together.

”We have an ongoing commitment to creating growth opportunities within our market segment,” says Malin Löf, HR specialist focused on training, employer branding and recruitment at Cervera.

Malin explains that there is a challenge in that many retailers offer product training with technical details to an extent that is rarely of any use. She says that that type of argument and product knowledge is unlikely to translate into sales and satisfied customers.

”I started at Cervera just over a year ago and got into discussions with my colleague Lena Ljungkrantz about our internal e-training offerings. Then she told me about Remarkable and how they produce microlearning sessions to disseminate product knowledge and sales tips. I had heard of microlearning before and took an interest in the approach,” says Malin.

Positive sales impact

In 2021, Malin reached out to Remarkable for a new partnership after the entire organization responded positively to the microlearning.

”We’ve seen a positive impact in terms of product sales and will continue to offer microlearning sessions to our store staff. Remarkable ensures that all training courses from selected brands are concisely packaged and available on a single platform. The training can be done via mobile phone or computer, depending on the participant’s preference. Flexible, educational and easily accessible! Follow-up takes place continuously after each training session.”

Greater employee satisfaction

Malin says that they have seen sales increase after these training efforts and that the feedback from the employees indicate that they appreciate improving their product knowledge so that they can continue to give optimal recommendations to their customers.

”We’ve received good feedback from our store staff, who are hungry for more knowledge in this form. They appreciate that they can choose the training session themselves and that the information is concise and tailored to them.”

The next step

Malin is now looking forward to following up on the training sessions this autumn and hopes to see a continuation of the positive trend. The goal is to give more retailers a chance to train with Remarkable’s concept and make their instructions available to greater parts of Cervera’s retail staff.

”Remarkable’s microlearning offerings are of a high quality, and they help me track the effects of the training through statistics. Naturally, it’s a joy to work with a partner that is as passionate as we are about improving the customer experience,” Malin concludes.

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